We make angry clients happy!





We believe in work, not bullshit talk

Strong words, eh?

Yes, and there's a reason for that. Anyone who has tried to outsource work to India (whether from inside India or abroad) knows how screwed up the scene is. Agencies race to the bottom, lie, make a mess of projects, and sometimes even run away with the money.

It's a hard truth we all need to face. And we, at NOBS, are tired of it.

We are decent, honest people, and we want to work with decent, honest people. Hence the name, NOBS (literally "No Bullshit").

Sounds like a plan?

Who are we targeting?

Our ideal client is someone who has burned his hands once or more.

Don't get us wrong; we love to work with new clients, but they are like a first relationship: they expect too much without any solid ground. ;)

So if you've been disappointed by the outsourcing process before, give us a try. We don't accept projects that are not within our ability and interest areas, no matter what the payout.

We have a strong eye for UI/UX, have worked in startups ourselves, always see the big picture, and more than anything, want the satisfaction of seeing you succeed.

But don't go by words alone. Meet us once.

How to reach us?

Please reach out to one of us (or both of us!):

Varun Roy (roy@nobs.company, +91 88001 66682)

Ankush Thakur (ankush@nobs.company, +91 81302 07625)