Welcome to my humble website. 🙂

It’s the hardest thing to sell yourself, and you came here expecting to be impressed. Let’s see what I can come up with . . .

Well, let me burst the bubble straight away: I’m the kind of developer that puts long-term good over short-term “success hacks”, and wants to keep improving at what he does.

Which means, if you’re a business owner looking for someone to “get the job done”, I’m not the one. I’m better off with people who understand how complex software is, and have some empathy for the developers.

You can trust me 100%. If I’ve committed to something, I’ll get it done. And if it’s not  possible, I’ll let you know straight away so you don’t lose time. Passwords, accesses, dirty secrets . . . they are all safe with me. Why? Because I’m not at all interested in them. 🙂

So, if you agree that nine women cannot deliver a baby in a month, hit me up!